With its expressive strength and big choice, it makes individual conception of space, in furnishing homes, buisness places,… Our furniture is made in "JELENA" and "JELENA BAROQ" variations, in basic cherry color , with high gloss, or in white color with eff ect grey patina (only certain products). It is possible to make a furniture in other colors.

Classic furniture, fine lines program, with recognizable details and profiles.


In estetic terms, it represents tranzition between classic and modern furniture. Products are made in basic mohagony wood, in high gloss. On customers demand, it is possible to make a fi nish in other colors.

Classic furniture program, with reduced lines and recognizable quality.


Especially pronounced thickness, straight edges and matte finish surface, exudes a quiet endurance. Products appear in basic violet-wenge color in matte effect. On customers demand, it is possible to make a finish in other colors.

Contemporary furniture program of clear lines and detailes.


Tradicional elements, contemporary expressions and absolutely ekolologicaly protected areas, will bring immediate nature to Your home. Products appear in combination of dark lacquared wood and natural color wood, protected with linseed oil. On customers demand, it is possible to make a product in diff erent color.

Contemporary solid wood and veneer furniture program, represents all the warmt of wood.


Contrast opposition of smooth and crafted, expresses fullness and luxury of natural wood. Combined with modern materials, this program represents new look of massive furniture.

Contemporary furniture program, made of solid wood with crafted surface, combined with lacquered MDF, glass or stainless steel (inox).


With restrained elegance and monumentality, its intended for representative and protocol ambients. Products are made in ground walnut color, in high gloss.

Classic furniture program with static lines, enriched with flutes and medallions.

Program NKP

Esteticly, it represents interim version of classic furniture with slight transition to modern. Products are made in basic mahogany wood color, in high gloss. On customers demand, it is possibile to make a product in diff erent color.

Office furniture program, with slightly curved lines, rich profiles and recognizable quality.

Program Torro

Specific design, carefull mix of clear colors and wood texture in dark tone, makes every product a sculpture in space. Products appear in combination of basic wenge tree color in matte effect and high gloss MDF. On customers demand, it is possible to make our product in other color.

Contemporary furniture program, with original concept and likeable colors.

Equipped objects

Various projects that we worked on, and facilities that we equpped...

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Production lines and retail objects are located in Braće Pišteljića street in Banja Luka.

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Job applications

„NOVA DI VRBAS“ d.o.o. from Banja Luka, engaged in the production of furniture, announces advertisement for recruitment of temporary workers with the possibility of employment for an indefinite period.

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